BluePrints & MasterMinds CONF

Three reasons you want to attend this one-of-a-kind conference:

1. Unforgettable, transparent Master Presenters
2. Relatable, real life scenarios with tangible success blueprints
3. Gain new insights and skills that can transform your business and your life


What are you looking for?

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Popular Questions

What is BluePrints & MasterMinds (BPMM) Conference?

BluePrints & Masterminds is a free 1-day virtual conference focused on empowering the next generation of creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and global leaders.
At BPMM conference, we’re committed to building an ecosystem that allows our audience of next generation leaders to access the much needed resources, mentorship and funding to assist with shaping their future.

How do I attend BPMM Conference?

You have to register to attend the BluePrints & MasterMinds Conference. Simply click here to register. You can register for the main conference for free.

What time is the conference and is there a schedule available?

The conference gets started at 11am (est) on Saturday, July 17, 2021. We should wrap up with our final speaker shortly after 6pm (est). You can find the schedule here.

After I register, how do I access the conference?

Access to the conference will be sent via email. If you register and you do not receive your email with conference access, please contact or for assistance.

Will the conference stream LIVE on social media?

The BluePrints & MasterMinds Conference will not livestream on any social media channels.

What are the benefits of the VIP Upgrade?

The VIP Masters Up Close Q & A is an opportunity for you to have any of the conference Master Presenters answer your direct, unique burning questions. You are positioned to get relevant advice you with clear, implementable strategies.
VIP attendees are also eligible for a 21% OFF discount on any Elemental Business Solutions service. (terms and conditions apply)

What is the dress code for Wire Summit?

We are currently discussing channels in which we will make the replay of the conference available to our audience. We will send updates and notifications via email and social media.

Do you host any other events?

The BluePrints & MasterMinds Conference is the first of a portfolio of programs, events, and resources that will guide our audience to develop and master profitable, leverageable skills and businesses.