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2. Relatable, real life scenarios with tangible success blueprints
3. Gain new insights and skills that can transform your business and your life


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The Event of the Year

The team at Elemental Business Solutions LLC (Bahamas) has been in our virtual conference room all 2021, working passionately and eagerly for the Event of the Year. Our Founder decided she’d go back to her roots of event planning for the launch of this phenomenal, power-house boutique agency positioned to bring practical strategies and tangible solutions to SMEs experiencing internal growth and operational challenges.

BluePrints & MasterMinds, a brand of Elemental, is designed to create an imprint in under-served and under-represented countries and communities, particularly in regions around the Caribbean.

We envision providing a portfolio of programs, events and resources that guide and support our audience to develop and master profitable, leverageable skills and businesses.

We leverage strategic and favorable regional and international partnerships which allow us to bridge the gap between the masters and the apprentices in tech, media, communications, finance, business and other industries around the world.

BluePrints & MasterMinds Virtual Conference debuts with a Full day of unforgettable, magnetic and value driven excitement. At a time when the world is advancing with incredible speed and technology is influencing every facet of how we live, we’re committed to building an ecosystem that allows our audience of next generation leaders to access the much needed resources, mentorship and funding to be an influential part of shaping the future.


Advancing Ability
Connecting Corners of the World



With the advancement of technology comes opportunities to bridge the gaps in connection, inclusivity and other forms or representation and relationship building. We focus on creating more points of connectivity and unity.



Advancing technology also allows us to tap into information and resources that can promote the development and expansion of our skillsets at an accelerated pace. Our platform focuses on providing accessibility of these resources to under-served and under-represented groups.



We’re creating a global network that provides the systematic support that will allow entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, leaders and professionals to flourish. Our success is amplified when we develop the habit of paying it forward.

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