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>Gregory Collie II

About the Master Presenter

Gregory Collie II

Gregory Collie II is the Founder & President of The Cookie Caterer. A cookie bakery with multiple locations in The Bahamas. Gregory was born on the island of New Providence in 1984, and has been a serial entrepreneur his whole life. Whether it was selling cups and baggies, (frozen kool-aid based treats) to his neighbors as a child, or selling blackberry devices while working a full time job, he was always looking for opportunities to fill much needed voids. Like most Bahamians, he was always considered to be “sweet mout’” referring to his love for desserts and sweets. Because of this, in late 2011 he went to Google to learn how to make cookies from scratch and started baking them at home to share with family and co-workers who would often suggest that he sell them. After being fired from his full time job in 2012 while he had a baby on the way, he saw it as an opportunity to follow through on those suggestions and created a Facebook page called The Cookie Caterer. Starting in 2012 with only 2 flavors delivering door to door, the business has grown to 3 storefront locations selling 13 cookie flavors and 3 ice cream flavors. Over the years he’s been featured multiple times on tv shows like Happy Foods 242 and Chef it Up. Gregory has been featured in both major national newspapers (The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian) and has been a guest on many of the most popular radio talk shows. He also hosted two of his own podcasts, Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur and Under the Rug between the years 2015 and 2018. Gregory also has a background in music as he was a music producer and Vice President of Bahamabeats Music Group, a group of Bahamian artists and producers who traveled across the United States competing in beat battles and other music competitions. His success can be tied to the motto he crafted and ended every podcast episode of W2E with, which is “losers make excuses, winners make adjustments”.




July 17 @ 1:30pm est